Junior Violin Course (Group) 兒童小提琴班(小組) HK$1880 / 8 lessons 堂

Junior Violin Course (Group) 兒童小提琴班 (小組) HK$1880 / 8 lessons 堂

學就要學最好!小提琴名師 Wilson CHU

This course is suitable for children who are completely new to the instrument and is also designed for violin beginners or intermediate level students with little music experiences. World-class violinist, Wilson CHU, will introduce the fundamentals of the instrument to students through straightforward, easy to follow instructions.

This course would work well for anyone that looks for quality violin lesson at a bargain price. It also works well for those already taking private lessons and wanting to supplement their learning experience.

適合無接受任何音樂或樂器訓練的小提琴初學者,或初級至中級程度之小提琴學生。國際級名師 Wilson CHU 會用顯淺易明的方法教授小提琴的基本演奏技術。


Junior Violin Course 兒童小提琴班

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